Bathythermal Sonobuoys

AN/SSQ-36B Sonobuoy

The AN/SSQ-36B is a NATO A-size sonobuoy manufactured for the U.S. Navy which provides vertical temperature profiles of the ocean layer for research and Anti-Submarine Warfare purposes. The AN/SSQ-36B is widely used for airborne ASW applications to evaluate local effects of seawater temperature on sonar propagation and acoustic range prediction

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AN/SSQ-536G Sonobuoy

The AN/SSQ-536G bathythermograph G-size buoy provides information on the sea temperature as its probe sinks, allowing the operator to create a water column temperature vs. depth profile to support acoustic propagation analysis. The AN/SSQ-536G is functionally identical to the A-size SSQ-36B but with reduced volume and weight.

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AN/SSQ-937D Sonobuoy

The AN/SSQ-937D bathythermograph G-size buoy has been designed, built, and qualified for use by the UK MoD. This product provides the Anti-Submarine Warfare operator with an extremely precise plot of sea temperature vs. depth. Gravity launched from aircraft, helicopters, or surface ships, the SSQ-937D offers high performance in a small package, lightweight bathythermal buoy.

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