About Us

We Protect Our Navies and Nations Through Innovative and Mission-Ready Solutions

Our broad portfolio of capabilities is operational on naval fleets across the US, UK, Canada, Australia and allied navies worldwide. We invest in technologies and work with our customers to provide both standardized Undersea Warfare products / systems, and innovative, mission specific bespoke technological solutions to our customers’ most complex problems.

We are Ultra Maritime

Ultra Maritime today is made up of over 2,300 people across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We stay close to our customers to ensure we’re developing solutions they need to perform at their best and to help them make the world a safer place.

We anticipate. We innovate. We deliver.

A Heritage of Protecting Our Navies

Ultra Maritime has always done important work. For over 80 years, we’ve designed and built solutions that protect our service men and women and help to keep our countries safe. We’re immensely proud of that. At the same time, we’ve continued to evolve as a business: absorbing new areas of expertise and adapting the way we work to meet the changing needs of our customers.