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Signature Management & Power

The partner of choice in Signature Management, degaussing, and low-SWaP power conversion and power management solutions for surface and subsurface platforms.

Proven Turnkey System Developers

We provide unique mission critical, high integrity specialized power solutions, and class-leading magnetic signature management solutions and services. Our systems are installed on US Navy and UK Royal Navy fleets as well as allied navies worldwide. Tailored, both in cost and time, to the various phases of design, development and construction of ships and submarines, we ensure proven, reliable solutions for tactical operational advantage.

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Signature Management

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Power Delivery, Conversion, and Management

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Hybrid Electric Drive

Signature Management and Power (SMaP) History

Ultra Maritime has a nearly 80-year heritage in both the US and UK as a strategic partner to both navies, positioning us as the pre-eminent AUKUS supplier.

  • 2022


    Formation of Ultra Maritime

  • 2021

    Standup of Ultra SMAP - Signature Management and Power



  • 2012


    Acquisition of RFI Corporation - Radio Frequency Interonics

  • 2004

    Acquisition of DNE Technologies - Data New England



  • 1998


    Acquisition of PMES Limited - Power, Magnetics & Electronic Systems

  • 1997

    Acquisition of EMS Development Corporation - Electronic Magnetic Signature



  • 1996


    Acquisition of MSI - Measurement Systems Incorporated

  • 1946

    Formation of British Electrical Products