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Esco Acquires SMaP

ESCO Technologies Acquires Ultra Maritime SMaP

ESCO Technologies announced yesterday the acquisition of Ultra Maritime’s Signature Management and Power (SMaP) line of business. Ultra Maritime would like to recognize the SMaP team for their innovative work, unique expertise and dedication to meeting commitments. SMaP has become a recognized industry leader for some of the most mission-critical submarine and surface ship technologies in both the UK and U.S. Leadership at both ESCO and Ultra Maritime have remarked that the success of SMaP is due to the people who show up every day. As the process to final closing moves ahead, Ultra Maritime sends our sincere appreciation to the entire SMaP team for all they have done for our customers and business, and acknowledge their bright future delivering for customers’ missions as a key part of ESCO Technologies.

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Ultra Maritime announces re-evaluation of supply chain

Ultra Maritime Announces Full Re-Evaluation of Supply Chain

Braintree, US: Ultra Maritime is today launching a full re-evaluation of its current supply base. This initiative will drive efforts towards a supply approach with a strong focus on providing best value solutions to our customers, while prioritizing speed to market of high-quality products.

Recent market developments, including passage of the U.S. National Defense Authorization Act which committed to an 8% year over year spend increase and a strong focus on maritime defense, particularly undersea warfare, positions us well to continue serving our customer needs. Just recently, we were selected as a qualified vendor on the $5.1B next generation sonobuoys Multiple Award Delivery Order Contract (MADOC). Additionally, awards across our sonar, radar, and ocean systems platforms reflect the U.S. Navy’s continued trust in our ability to continue to develop, produce, and deliver world-class products that are used every day to find, fix and finish the threat faced by our warfighters. These awards highlight the need to optimize our supply base to meet this market demand.

This initiative will be led by Robert Van Dyke, Senior Vice President of Operations and Katie Ducharme, Vice President of Supply Chain.

“We are excited to build on our relationships with best-in-class suppliers who will help us continue to bring the best technologies at the best value to our customers.  2023 will be an exciting year of change as we reposition our supply chain for long-term growth and success in new programs and identify the strategic supply partners who will support that journey,” commented Ducharme.

MADOC sonobuoy contract

Ultra Awarded MADOC Next Generation Sonobuoy Contract

Columbia City, IN: Ultra Sonobuoy Systems (Ultra) has been selected as a qualified vendor for a Multiple Award Delivery Order Contract (MADOC). This contract will provide a vehicle for Ultra to supply the U.S. Navy (USN) with next-generation sonobuoys for the next five years.   The USN Navy purchases roughly $300 million a year in sonobuoys. Ultra is the world’s leader in providing more than 200,000 sonobuoys to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other navies around the world.

Ultra has a well-established history of providing best-in-class sonobuoys to the USN and its international allies. This award reflects the USN’s continued trust in Ultras’ ability to continue to develop, produce and deliver world-class products that are used every day to ‘Find, Fix and Finish’ the threat. Ultra remains committed to reducing the cost of ‘washing water’ to the USN and its Allies across the entire anti-submarine warfare mission profiles.

Eric Webster, President of Ultra Sonobuoy Systems, commented: “We are very excited to be chosen by the U.S. Navy to provide next-generation sonobuoys to support the fleet. With conflicts increasing with our near-peer rivals, the importance of anti-submarine warfare and the need for greater quantities of increasingly more capable sonobuoys continues to grow. I am extremely proud of the Ultra team’s focus to deliver innovative solutions and ensure continuity of supply to the U.S. Navy.”

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